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The simplest way to collect payments from customers online and offline. Grow your business with the best financial tools available.

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Collect is for businesses looking to grow their sales, revenue and expand globally

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Get paid faster at a low cost. Goodbye to high transaction fees


A dashboard that shows you what's going on in your business.

Bank-grade security

Protect your business against fraud, unauthorized transactions, and chargeback claims.

Great Support

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Tools and integrations

Tools and integrations that help you take control of your business.

More payment methods

Offer the payment methods your customers know and trust.

Accept Payments across all sales Channels.

Retain repeat customers with a personalized checkout experience that encourages preferred payment methods and drives incremental sales.

Accept card payments from your customers in a faster, more convenient way by using a card reader.

  • Fast, light, and pocket-sized
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth

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Made for Developers


  email: 'peterparker@gmail.com',
  firstName: 'Peter',
  lastName: 'Parker',
  reference: 'XXXXX-XXXXX',
  amount: 1000000, // in Kobo
  currency: 'NGN', // NGN
  itemImage: '', // URL for item image
  publicKey: 'XXXXXXXXXX', // Your key
  onclose: function (e) {
    console.log('closed the widget.', e);

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Webhooks and APIs

Listen for events and create custom workflows on your end using our powerful APIs

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